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Electrical Energy Efficiency



Electrical energy efficiency is the reduction in power and energy demands from the electrical system without affecting the normal activities carried out in buildings, industrial plants or any other transformation process. That is, the reduction of technical and economical costs of operation.

Having power issues? Want to know how to reduce your costs and increase efficiency? Speak to our electrical engineers today about your options.


Do you need an energy audit?

  • Do you know that a bad power quality can affects your activities or production processes?

  • Do you know how, when and where are you using the electrical energy?

  • Do you really think that all your energy consumed is the most accurate one?

  • Could you reduce the consumption of electrical energy without affecting the processes or activities carried out?

  • Would it be possible to improve the technical efficiency of your electrical installations?

What are the benefits of electrical energy efficiency?

  • Less energy consumption

  • Improved efficiency in the electric installations by better taking advantage of the distribution lines and transformers

  • Decreasing of losses and heating in lines and equipment

  • Decreasing of number of breakdowns

  • Continuity of electrical service

  • Decreasing of the economical costs


Our Products

Solutions to enhance electrical energy efficiency. Technical costs are reduced by reactive energy compensation, harmonic filtering, phases balancing, damping peaks of maximum demand and relocating these consumptions in valley periods.


First process of electrical energy efficiency is to carry out an electrical energy diagnosis and audit. In this process, measurements of power and energy will be taken, as well as other variables necessary for making the suitable decisions.

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Browse through some of our recent projects. We have 15 years experience servicing commercial buildings, residential, industrial, government, healthcare, education and utilities sectors. We can help your energy quality from small to complex issues.


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