Harmonic Study

Why Harmonic Study is needed?

Within the last decade we witnessed a tremendous growth in the number of electronic devices in our surroundings from our handhelds to building controls. Dips, spikes, surges, and momentary outages can damage your critical equipment and systems, or cause them to malfunction. Not only do these outages cost you money, but they may be creating unsafe conditions or other serious problems for your critical facility.

Our Products:

With 15 years in the field of electrical power systems, we have supplied a wide array of harmonic filters that range from Active to Passive Filters.

Active Filters:

Active filters constantly produce a compensating current for the harmonic mitigation to eliminate harmonic distortions, establishing a near linear current waveform. Having a response time for µSeconds, it greatly limits the potential damage in the production chain, reduces current induced harmonics while rectifying and compensating the reactive power of the system

Passive Filter:

The Passive filters has been used very widely uses because of simple and easier designing process and low cost factors. Passive filter banks installed in medium-voltage systems are able to provide satisfactory to reduction in currents and voltages distortions after their planning and design. Passive filters exhibit the best relationship cost- benefit among all other mitigation techniques when dealing with low and medium voltage rectifier system

Objectives of Harmonic Study

  • Identification of harmonic sources

  • Protecting the equipment from power related problems

  • Safety against loss and interruptions


  • To prevent Voltage and current harmonics as per IEEE Regulations

  • To limit Frequency variation

  • To limit Voltage and Current Unbalance

  • To Improve Power Factor Analysis and maintain close to Unity

  • To limit Voltage fluctuations