Power factor Correction

Power factor Correction is the most important thing to be considered in an electrical network because it highly influences power quality by balancing capacitive and inductive loads. Our solutions include active/passive harmonic filters with assembled, static and MV capacitor banks.

Why you need a Power Factor Correction

  • Motor failure

  • Electrical or electronic equipment failure

  • Overheating of transformers, switch gear and cabling

  • Nuisance tripping of circuit breakers or fuses

  • Unstable equipment operation

  • High energy usage and costs

Our Power Factor Correction (PFC) Equipment provides optimum performance level for your electrical network with maintenance of equipment 

  • Electricity load reduction

  • Voltage levels

  • Harmonic content

  • Detailed equipment condition

  • Full functional operation

Why Power Factor Correction (PFC)? 

  • Improved efficiency and reduction in power demand

  • Reduction in the load on the switching gear and cables reduced costs to the consumer 

  • Support for more load.

  • There are reduced system losses and less capital cost for the generating company. In addition, there are saving on electricity costs, since there are no charges for the excess reactive power.

  • Another benefit is that the transmission and distribution equipment and systems runs cooler and last longer.

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