Renewable Energies

String Monitoring devices for photovoltaic systems

Equipment for photovoltaic systems monitoring

Off-grid self-consumption systems

Single-phase/three-phase energy meter with dispenser function and built-in cutoff relay

Self-consumption with storage

The isolated residential solution enables the electrification of places that have difficulty accessing the electrical distribution network, attending the energy needs of a family, a farm, a residence for rural tourism, etc. The isolated residential solution offers a quality electric supply for lighting, electrical appliances and any other kind of standard consumption. Hybrid generation, which can be solar, wind or hydraulic, depending on the local resources, and smart storage and demand management allow better installation output and less use of generator sets.

Instantaneous self-consumption

Ideal for buildings with daytime electricity consumption. Our units, from the CDP (Dynamic Power Control) family, adjust the production power of the photovoltaic inverters to that being consumed at each moment. This means we ensure zero injection into the grid.