About 3E

3E Company is Company Dedicated for the Sector of Energy Efficiency & Power Quality

Electrical Energy Efficiency. Three words that sum up our vision, all that we do and what we are. Welcome to 3E – the Middle East’s fastest growing & most innovative Energy Efficiency & Power Quality Company. When we started our corporate journey, more than a decade ago in 2003, there were regulatory issues and limited market awareness in Power Efficiency. Utilities such as power generation were taken for granted. It was highly commoditized and the technology and services behind its generation, efficiency, optimization had saturated. It was a time for a change and set a new standard. Our work start with power monitoring units where we detected or acquired data about electrical network or portable analyzer for existing projects. We then created a detailed audit report of electrical network problems like harmonics, flickers, spikes and suggested solution that is related to capacitor banks, filter for harmonics, active & passive filters, metering systems, power quality & energy audits.

Thanks to our innovation, quality focus, strategic partnerships with International vendors, adapting them to the regional market, providing world-class service, support & consulting, today 3E is a name to reckon with that offers a complete solution. Today, we service hundreds of clients across domains, verticals in the Middle East & North Africa. Our solutions address the most complex to challenging, from simple to scalable and help customers reap more value from their power-related infrastructure.

What we do at 3E

3E offers supply of material in the field of assembled capacitors banks, LV and MV, different solution of harmonics and distortion and necessary engineering study, billing systems for shopping malls and business districts, electrical chargers for electrical cars.

We provide technology and integrated solutions to optimise energy usage in markets like energy & infrastructure, industry, data centres, buildings and residential.

With a unique portfolio 3E is the regional specialist in energy efficiency. Our integrated and open solutions improve financial performance while conserving resources, for a more sustainable world to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact.

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